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Satyra Hunt

TPCCON 2022 Big Hat and Sundress. Congratulations

to the Founder on a great, awesome, informative conference.

Praise and Worship, Experience over Brunch. What wonderful Sunshine Spiritual Sunday.

I can't wait until next years conference. #TPCCON22



Yvonne Davis Glover

Day 1 of TPCCON was so good!  Tara L. Paige and her team got us energized  last night for a day of learning today!  


I can’t wait to talk about how “Change is Sexy” this afternoon at 3pm in the breakout session.  Change is inevitable, so let’s talk about the blueprint to MANAGE THAT CHANGE in life and business that gives us control in the next steps.

Tracy Watson Adkison

Sugas, I told yall TPCCON was going to be   ,  and baby, it's only the morning of Day 2 and the conference has exceeded my expectations!!! I've been encouraged, inspired, educated, loved on by my Suga Sistas, danced, shopped, and just witnessed a marriage proposal!!! The love  and the business and wealth and health info is flowing!!! Thank you again and again and again Tara L. Paige!

Kimberly Odom Norwood

TPCCON VIP night was awesome, what a great start to the conference.  I love the swag bag and my Patio Chic apron. The DJ was jamming and I enjoyed cooking with Chef Stephon. The burger was delicious and Patio Chic cocktail was yummy. Looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. 

#TPCCON Pink & Pearls VIP Night



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