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Terry Bell, daughter of the Almighty, wife to Tony T. Bell Sr., mother of 3, grandmother of 10 and great grandmother of 1.

Nutritionist and Chef/Cooking Coach for Food Saved Me (an authorized Saladmaster Dealership). Saladmaster is a healthy line of cookware. She is passionate about educating families on the importance of food and how to prepare it safely in a non-toxic way. Doing so retaining the minerals, nutrients & vitamins needed to support and/or possibly restore health.


With over 7+ years at Food Saved Me and taught by a Certified Stanford & Cornell University Nutritionist graduate, she is also a Certified Nutritionist through eCornell University (T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies) and Food Saved Me Institute.

She teaches Health & Nutrition classes to the community and has over 500+ training hours. Not only is she an educator, but she is also a resource of valuable information. Classes taught in the community are:

  • Food Addiction 911

  • Immune Boosters & Busters

  • Revamp Your Kitchen: Healthy Meal Preps

  • Sleep Better, Stress Less

  • African American Nutrition

  • Terry Bell, Nutritionist, where “Your food is only as healthy as the cookware it is cooked in.”

  • Prior to becoming a Nutritionist, Terry worked as a Word Processor. She now works under the brand: Your Food Your Body Your Health

  • Your Food will determine how Your Body feel and/or react...

  • Your Body will determine the outcome of your Health...

  • Your Health will determine how long you may or may not live.

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