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About TPC 

The Patio Chic Conference is a 3-day gathering of women who explore and create outdoor living spaces they want, need, and love. This live conference supports our online community of over 240K African American women. Our third annual The Patio Chic Conference (TPCCON) is on October 27-29, 2023.


TPCCON seeks to inspire and empower African American women, who are more likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, and stroke than any other race of women. Creating and enjoying outdoor spaces promotes a reset in physical and mental health. Our conference features hands-on activities (wreath-making, outdoor cooking, patio design, and more), self-care & relaxation workshops (yoga/meditation, and more), health screenings, panel discussions, and a Patio Fashion Show, Celebrity entertainment & special guests will set the tone to make meaningful and impactful connections.


This historic event will be EPIC.


The Patio Chic

Wife to Papa Suga, Reginald, Mom to 8, Nomi (grandma) to 6! She didn’t think her job was done. A former educator who decided that diving into one of my favorite past times was a great way to escape the pandemic.


Like many of you, she was quarantined to the island of home, so Tara decided to enjoy her patio space a little more than she had time to before. Tara and her husband recently purchased their forever home, which yields over 9 acres, a porch, 2 patios, and an enlarged fire pit area.  While looking for inspiration, she couldn’t find girls who looked like her in the outdoor living spaces. Then her mom's words came to memory, “If you can’t find what you are looking for, create it”. So that is what she did! She created the group Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces and the outside living lifestyle brand The Patio Chic!


Tara has always been a creative and an out of the box thinker. This movement has definitely made her proud!

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